How to set HG8244H in Bridge Mode

Just subscribed to Singtel 1Gbps Internet Fiber plan. They provide you a Huawei HG8244H as fiber endpoint devices, and a 8200 AC Router.

The tech guy came and setup the network in 10 minutes. Everything worked. But I did not like it at all — — Singtel set the HG8244H as Router mode, which means I cannot use my own Router ( MikroTik RouterOS Based):

So far it works. But all the port mapping configured on MikroTik will not work, because the tcp packages from public cannot reach to it. To fix it, DMZ can be used (Set the internal ip address of MikroTik to DMZ in HG8244H).

But I do not like it. I want my MikroTik to be the router and HG 8244H only works as a fiber/RJ45 interface.

After hours of testing, I finally did it. The following is the steps.

  1. Try login to HG8244H console with Google Chrome (By default, it will be If not, check the label on the back)
  2. Login with admin user telecomadmin , password admintelecom

Update: some readers says that this admin login does not work. It may caused by 2 reasons (I guess 99% is the second rason):

  • Singtel provides a device with different passwords;
  • By default, the Protocol Type setting is configured as TR069_INTERNET. TR-069 is a REMOTE MANAGEMENT PROTOCOL which allows the System Admin (ISPs ? or HW ? Who knows) to change the settings of the device REMOTELY WITHOUT NOTIFYING THE USER( There are already some docs showing that some China ISPs (China Telecom) uses this TR069 protocol to change the default password. So the in following steps, the TR069 is disabled.

Update: A thread at discusses about another model (No WAN setting, but different working mode settings). Readers may also refer to this page for more details.

Click the configuration icon (Look likes gear) and then maintenance. Click configuration file and then click “Download”. You will have a hw_ctree.xml file downloaded. This is the configuration file. You can keep it as a backup in case you messed up something. You can upload the backup file in this page to restore the good settings.

Click the configuration icon then click WAN Configuration. You may see 3 items (Internet, IPTV and Voice). Do not change IPTV and Voice. Click Internet. The settings form will appear. You needs to do the following : (a) change ‘WAN Mode’ from ‘WAN Route’ to ‘Bridge WAN ’;(b) change the ‘Service Type’ from ‘TR069_Internet’ to ‘Internet’. This is tricky here. The dropdown is disabled and you cannot select. No problem. You can just open Chrome Developer Tools by ctrl-shift-I and use element selector (Click the icon on the left-most of the toolbar, looks like a rectangle with a mouse arrow) to focus on the dropdown control. You will notice there is a ‘disabled’ keyword on source code panel. Just delete the ‘disabled’ keyword. And you will get a normal dropdown list which can be selected. Select ‘Internet’. Click ‘Apply’ to save the change.

Click the configuration icon then click LAN Configuration. Click ‘DHCP Server configuration’. Make sure the ‘Enable DHCP Server’, ‘Enable DHCP Relay’ is checked / enabled. Click ‘Apply’ to save the change.

At last, set MikroTik to ‘Automatic’ Mode (Home AP) in Quick Set. Now it can automatically get the public IP from upper device, and everything is fine for me: